In recent years, the use of bitless bridles has spread like wildfire around the world ....... people everywhere are throwing away their bits and embracing a new way to be with their horses ........ without pain, in harmony, with full communication and mutual trust ....... these are great times for both horses and humans alike.

Tori Groom - "Hi Suzy, I bought a bitless bridle from you, he accepted it straight off and was happy to do walk/trot transitions with no fuss. My coach showed up, she was sceptical, she rode him it it….ended up thinking it was brilliant! I had a lesson, he was so much more even, cantering fanned out poles, soft and happy in the contact. This is going to save our relationship and be invaluable for his training,thank you!" 


Frank Sanderson - "It’s almost as if he’s been waiting all his life for the cross-under bitless – it’s remarkable, thanks very much indeed." 

Anna Rimac - "The thing that sets Suzy apart as a coach is difficult to pinpoint, she has provided me with more ‘lightbulb moments’ than I can count, and has supported my journey like no other coach.  Suzy has a gentle and encouraging manner, coupled with an amazing amount of experience and knowledge, She has an extra element which has catapulted my learning. If she could bottle it, I’d buy in bulk!

I have been a student of Suzy’s for some months now, and while I originally took the lessons to improve my riding skills I have also gained an enormous, unexpected supplementary skill set. Her training has provided me with many invaluable insights into horse handling, which have significantly improved my interactions with all horses. I highly recommend Suzy as an excellent coach.…I love your lessons, bitless is best!"

Rita Dee - "The best thing ever, I have aTB we have worked for 2 years. To no avail would he release his tension or settle in his mouth. Had his back checked, teeth done, chiropractic done and worked with the best trainers I could find. Finally decided to go bitless and chose Dr. Cook's. WOW !!!! What a difference. He is a different horse! Great product! A life changer for my horse as his problem was severe, thanks!" 

Bitless Bridle

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All ages and levels of training welcome.

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