In most articles or books about horsemanship you’ll find a reference to timing. While many people are aware of the idea of effective timing the practise of it can be quite difficult to master. It’s one of those things that set the distance between a beginner and an experienced horse trainer. It can appear to be a small thing in the moment but the progression of effective training is totally dependent on it. The single most important area where timing is crucial is the release of an aid. Many people release too late, resulting in a slow and sometimes frustrating learning experience for the horse. When you apply a pressure, such as a rein aid, the moment the horse starts to soften and give to


Humanity has come a long way in terms of respect for animals. We now have animal rights written into our government policies and animal groups looking after the interests of those who can’t speak for themselves. I feel we are moving forward towards living in a more compassionate and caring world. But recently I had a glaring reminder of the work still to be done. I was at an Antiques Fair and came across the piece in the above photo. This brass statue depicts a rearing horse and a man. The man has reins attached to a bit in the horses’ mouth in one hand and a whip in the other hand. It is depicting the strength and courage of the man controlling the wild beast. With both hands he is using

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