Forgive Yourself

‘You don’t know what you don’t know’, this a wonderful expression. Sometimes we do things that hurt others because we simply don’t know. I did things that hurt horses for many years because I didn’t know. I believed what everyone told me, my teachers, my mentors, and felt that if I improved my horse skills enough everything would fall into place. I used bits, spurs and whips, and I loved my horses. I really loved them, and believed I was giving them the best life. I worked hard to achieve my equine goals and expected the same of my horses. They did as I asked and I assumed that was because they were happy. If someone had told me I was hurting my horses I would have been insulted. My horses h

Colombian Caballos

In the Spanish language, horses are caballos. Recently I was staying with a Colombian family who had a large farm in the Andes that had been in the family for generations. It was accessible only on horseback; people and supplies have to be taken up and down the mountain using horses. The horses are mountain bred, they live and work there. They are strong, intelligent and willing, with the ability to climb up and down mountains effortlessly. They’re all bone, muscle and sinew, with no excess fat on them. Most are around 14hh. The size is important, as they need small hooves to be able to find the cracks between rocks and climb, much like mountain goats. It feels like riding a mountain goat to

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