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Introducing "The Untamed Spirit" - a stunning horse art print from the original oil painting by equine artist Suzy Maloney.


'This painting depicts an Australian brumby from the Guy Fawkes National Park. He was removed from the park as a five year old stallion just weeks before aerial culling of the brumbies. In this work I acknowledge that even though on the outside he has adjusted to life as a domesticated horse, on the inside he is pure brumby, a wild untamed spirit.'


Prints are made on quality Strathmore art paper, ensuring a durable and eco-friendly product for your home. They come in two sizes, A4 (30 x 20 cm) and A3 (42 x 30 cm), with a card backing and plastic sleeve, making them ready for display or gifting. All prints have the watermark removed and are high resolution so you can enjoy every intricate detail.


Add a touch of elegance and grace to your space with the "The Untamed Spirit" horse art print.

'The Untamed Spirit'

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