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Introducing "A Symphony of Stripes 2" - a stunning horse art print from an original oil painting by equine artist Suzy Maloney.


'This painting depicts a zebra I saw while on safari in Botswana. As a horse person I was extremely interested in watching these beautiful wild horses and couldn't wait to capture their essence with paint."


Prints are made on quality Strathmore art paper, ensuring a durable and eco-friendly product for your home. They come in two sizes, A4 (30 x 20 cm) and A3 (42 x 30 cm), with a card backing and plastic sleeve, making them ready for display or gifting. All prints have the watermark removed and are high resolution so you can enjoy every intricate detail.


Add a touch of elegance and grace to your space with "A Symphony of Stripes 2".

'A Symphony of Stripes 2'

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