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  • Lunging straps are an essential tool for everyones horse kit.
  • High quality and inexpensive add-on.
  • Makes it easy to lunge a horse wearing a Bridle.
  • Can be used for lunging, tying, leading.
  • Convert a bitless bridle into a halter.
  • For handlers wanting control of the horse from the ground, while allowing the rider to have the reins in their hand.
  • Great tool for instructing riding students.
  • Made in the USA.

  • Quality nylon

  • Heavy duty stainless steel hardware.

  • Weight - 0.15kg.


To convert a Bitless Bridle into a halter.

  • Remove the reins.
  • Gather the O ring on the end of the crossunder strap that is hanging on the opposite side.
  • Bring it under the chin and include this ring when clipping the lunging strap onto noseband O ring.
  • You will have both O rings contained in the clip.
  • Do this for each side.
  • Hook your lead rope under the chin.


For Lunging with reins removed: Follow the instructions to convert the BitlessBridle into a halter and clip your lunge line under the chin.


For lunging with reins attached to a saddle or surcingle:  Simply attach the lunging strap to the O rings on the noseband and clip your lunge line under the chin.


Lunging Straps

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