• Dr Cooks cross-under bitless bridles.
  • Produced in America.
  • Best quality cross-under bitless bridle.
  • Gives full control while being comfortable for your horse.
  • Made from a high-tech, high-quality synthetic called Beta BioThane.
  • Lasts in top condition for years.
  • Material requires no maintenance.
  • Can be subjected to virtually any conditions without being affected.
  • Soft and supple, they feel lovely against your horses face.
  • A slightly grainy, low-sheen surface which looks just like leather!
  • Maintenance free, rinse clean in seconds, durable, waterproof, won’t mould or mildew, don’t absorb odours, will not dry out or crack with age.
  • Strong web core.
  • Available in pony, cob and full sizes.
  • Black or dark brown.
  • Reins not included.
  • Weight - 0.58kg.


Dr Cook spent many years researching and developing the cross-under bitless bridle. His unique design has now been copied by many as it is so effective, but the origional is still the best.


The cross-under action distributes the rein pressure around the entire head of the horse. This makes it very humane, as there is only a small amount of pressure in any one place. It also makes it as effective as a traditional bitted bridle. Safety is increased as there is no pain caused if you use a corrective rein, therefore the horse stays calm.


As the cross-under is totally new to your horse, it is recommended to do some transition exercises with your horse. Information on how to do that can be found HERE. Once your horse is transitioned you will be able to ride your horse exactly the same as always. After a while you will forget that you don't have a bit, it feels so normal and natural.


Check the sizing guide to ensure you have the right size for your horse.  


  • Bridles are sent throughout Australia arriving at your address within 1 to 3 days with Express post or 3 to 7 days with Parcel Post. Freight is calculated at the checkout prior to purchase.

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