Made by the person who originally designed the cross-under bitless bridle – Dr Robert Cook. These bridles are of a very high quality and are produced in America (not made in China). They are made from a high-tech, high-quality synthetic called BioThane, which lasts in top condition for years. The bridles are soft and supple and feel lovely against your horses face (some other synthetics are stiff and hard). These bridles are maintenance free, rinse clean in seconds, are durable, waterproof, won’t mould or mildew, don’t absorb odours, will not dry out or crack with age and have a strong web core. Available in pony, cob and full sizes (reins not included). Weight - 0.58kg.


  • The bridles are all very adjustable with plenty of ‘play’ so  correct fitting is rarely a problem.

    Headstall: From a point 4 – 5 cm up from the corner of the horse’s mouth run your tape measure to the very top of the poll (the point right between the ears) and double that measurement number. This will determine the size headstall your horse needs.

    Noseband: Measure 4 to 5 cm up from the corner of the horse’s mouth. From that point, measure the circumference of the horse’s nose.


    Beta Headstall Noseband
    Pony 29"-39"
    (74 cm - 99 cm)
    (46 cm -56 cm)
    Cob 35"-45"
    (84 cm - 109 cm)
    (48 cm - 61 cm)
    Full 38"-48"
    (97 cm - 122 cm)
    56 cm - 66 cm)


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