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  • Side-pull bitless bridle with sliding chin strap.
  • Approved for use by Pony Club Australia.
  • Made from beta biothane.
  • A slightly grainy, low-sheen surface which looks just like leather!
  • Maintenance free, rinse clean in seconds, durable, waterproof, won’t mould or mildew, don’t absorb odours, will not dry out or crack with age.
  • Padded noseband, browband and headpiece. 
  • Stainless hardware for no rust. 
  • Removeable browband to change size or add your own.
  • The noseband sits higher like a cavesson, allowing the horses to eat and drink easily.
  • Multi-purpose for leading/lunging.
  • Great for showing in leadline classes. 
  • Soft webbing chin strap keeps the noseband from twisting to give clear and direct communication.
  • When rein pressure is applied the chinstrap becomes snug but does not over-tighten. 
  • 90% of  pressure on top of the nose, 10% on the chin. 
  • To use as a sidepull only (100% on nose) clip the chinstrap and noseband rings together. 
  • The bridle features an extra cheekpiece buckle to allow for a bit to be added if you need one for competitions, or for your transition to bitless.
  • Reins not included.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Weight - 0.621 kg


The LIGHTRIDER BETA SIDE-PULL with CHIN STRAP is ideal for well trained horses who respond easily when ridden in a halter, but is much more stylish and gives clearer communication than with just a halter. Pressure is primarily on the nose so it feels familiar to the horse and requires little transition.

Check the sizing guide to ensure you have the right size for your horse.  

Lightrider Beta Side-Pull Bitless Bridle

  • Free Freight for orders over $150.

    Bridles sent throughout Australia arrive at your address within 3 to 7 days with Standard Post and 1 to 3 days with Express Post. 

    For International orders arrival is 2 -4 Days Express Post and 6 + Days Standard Post. Please select your country from the drop down box.

    Freight is calculated at the checkout prior to purchase.

    If you select pickup (Howards Grass, NSW, Australia), freight is free.

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