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The Joy of Equine Play

A horse playing with a ball
Soray Enjoying Play Time

Horses are not just majestic and powerful creatures; they also have a playful and spirited side that often goes unnoticed. Engaging in playful activities with your horse can be incredibly rewarding, both for you and your four-legged companion. Beyond the traditional roles of riding and training, playing with your horse offers a unique opportunity to strengthen your bond, enhance communication, and create cherished memories. In this article, we will delve into why playing with horses is beneficial and explore some delightful activities you can enjoy together.


The Benefits of Play

Enhanced Bonding: Playful interactions form the foundation of a strong and trusting bond between you and your horse. When you engage in activities that make your horse comfortable and happy, you establish a deeper connection built on trust and mutual understanding.

Stress Relief: Just like humans, horses experience stress and benefit from stress-relieving activities. Play provides an outlet for pent-up energy and can help your horse unwind, resulting in a more relaxed and content equine partner.

Improved Communication: Playing with your horse encourages non-verbal communication, allowing you both to understand each other's cues and body language better. This heightened level of communication can translate to more effective training and riding sessions.

Physical and Mental Stimulation: Playful activities challenge your horse's mind and body, preventing boredom and promoting overall well-being. Mental stimulation is as important as physical exercise, contributing to a happier and healthier equine companion.


Playful Activities for Horses

Obstacle Courses: Set up an obstacle course in your arena or pasture using cones, poles, and barrels. Guide your horse through the course, teaching them to navigate different challenges. This activity promotes responsiveness and coordination.

Equine Soccer: Yes, you read that right! Using a large ball, encourage your horse to push, kick, or roll the ball with their nose or hooves. This game fosters engagement and helps your horse develop better motor skills.

Trail Adventures: This is a personal favourite of mine. Take your horse for a leisurely trail walk on lead. Let them explore, sniff around, and enjoy the natural surroundings. This type of play is mentally stimulating and offers a break from the usual routine. It also enhances bonding between you and your horse. Because we’re beside the horse we can have eye contact and move our body with theirs. They may encounter new and sometimes scary things in the environment, we are the only familiar and safe place, and they come to trust us to look out for them.

Liberty Training: Allow your horse to move freely around an enclosed space without a lead rope. Use voice commands and body language to direct their movements. Liberty training strengthens your horse's response to your cues and builds a deeper connection.

Playful Grooming: Turn grooming into a game by using soft brushes and playful touches. Many horses enjoy being scratched on their itchy spots and will show you exactly where they’d like you to scratch, turning it into a fun game. This not only keeps them clean but also enhances the bond between you.

Water Play: If you have access to a safe water source, introduce your horse to shallow water. Some horses enjoy splashing around and cooling off on hot days. Ensure the water is calm and the area secure when first introducing them to water. As their confidence increases more challenging watery adventures can be included. Also, a hose can also provide lots of fun at the end of a hot day. I hose my herd off after hot days with them at liberty, and one of them literally rotates his body around so I don’t miss any spots. It’s a fun cooling activity for all of us as I often end up quite wet too!


Playing with your horse offers a delightful departure from routine training and riding sessions. It's a chance to connect with your equine companion on a deeper level, fostering trust, communication, and happiness. The benefits of play extend beyond the momentary joy, impacting your horse's physical and mental well-being. By incorporating creative and playful activities into your time together, you can create lasting memories and build a partnership built on respect and mutual understanding. So, go ahead – embrace the joy of equine play and embark on a journey of shared laughter and camaraderie with your beloved horse.


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