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Interacting with Horses Through the Heart

Updated: Apr 8

woman walking in front of a horse inviting him to follow her at liberty
Heart Connection Can Lead Anywhere

More and more I find that coming from the heart when interacting with horses creates a deeper understanding and connection between human and horse. Many times, when I am out teaching, I find students wanting to analyse and understand every thing the horse does. This is totally understandable, our culture values intellectual ability above all else. Our schooling systems train the brain. But when working with horses this can create a disconnect between the human and horse. As the human is analysing what the horse has done and thinking, thinking, thinking, to work out what it means and why the horse did it, they are not feeling. They are missing crucial messages from the horse because they are so much in the head. I have seen this hold back many potentially awesome horse people, as it can be a hard thing to let go of. I would like to propose that we actually have three brains. One in the head, one in the heart and one in the stomach. The head brain is the CPU. It loves to nut out minute details and find facts and reasons for everything. This is very handy when first learning something new but can be a hindrance later. The stomach is where we just ‘have a gut feeling about something’ and is the seat of intuition. Intuition is fantastic if we listen to it, and the more we listen the stronger it gets. The heart is the feeling centre, the place of love and compassion. This is where we ‘just feel it’s the right thing to do’ without having to know why. All three ‘brains’ are necessary to have a complete palate of knowing. When one dominates, and in our culture, it is usually the head brain, our understanding of things is diminished. When we are with our horses and are coming from the heart, we put the horse first. We feel compassion for them and understand they are sentient beings with their own thoughts and feelings. When we are doing something with our horses we are constantly wondering, how is this for you? We allow our hearts to open and feel as the horse is feeling. If we can stop analysing what the horse is doing and why, we can feel what the horse is doing. This gives us information that we can then base our actions on, and our actions are then much more likely to be a positive event for the horse. Which brings us to intuition. If we allow ourselves to open and feel the horse, we can then go a step further and listen to our intuition. We allow ourselves to ‘know’ what to do next. This type of ‘knowing’ is quite different to the intellectual type. At first it can be difficult to trust it, but if you follow your intuition and do that thing that popped into your head, you will be amazed at the results. If intuition is used regularly, it starts to flow. Then you will not have to worry about what to do in different situations, you will just know. The effect on your relationship with your horse when you come from your heart and listen to your intuition is incredible. Horses that formerly were afraid of humans can find their trust again. Horses that have retreated inside come out and start to blossom. To be felt and heard is the best thing we can ever do for another being, of any species. For some horses, this will be the first time they have ever had this type of relationship with a human. And for us humans it is awesome to be able to turn off that ranting monkey in our heads for a while. I wish you and your horses a deep and meaningful connection using all three of your brains.

Suzy Maloney B.Eq.Sc. Lismore, NSW, Australia Ph: 0401 249 263 Email: Web: Facebook: Happy Horses Bitless Bridles Patreon:

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